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Ysabeault d’Valar-Alba PhD Candidate in Religious Studies, Anthropology and Pagan Theology!

Theology on Zoom

It was my pleasure and my honour to deliver the Beltaine Sermon at the UUFO. Not only did I deliver the Sermon, but I also told the Fethra Story (up on my author’s page at Amazon). The Congregation helped by playing the part of the echoes! and a grand time was had by all. I very much hope you enjoy the theological offering once get a video of it up ! (it’s a little off the beaten path) and, of course, I am available as a Speaker for Congregations interested in Paganism, Paganism and Unitarianism, and, most of all, the Magical relationship between the Cosmos and Earth Centred Spirituality and Practice. My work as a Zoom Theologian is based on my Ph.D project and the book proceeding from it: The Pulse of God. In July (2022) I will be participating in the University of Glasgow’s Conference on ”Once and Future Fantasies”, delivering a paper on the hit series ”A Discovery of Witches”. You can contact me at my personal email: ysabeault@gmail.com or through my ”projects” email: wag.productions.org

@gmail.com. My fees are reasonable and negotiable.


Gessenican Publishing

Gessenican Publishing is the venue through which my books, essays and other text material is organized. Currently distributed through Amazon/Kindle and through direct sales, current offerings are:

Fethra and the Great Batwise Adventure.

Disciple of Life, an anthology of Poetry.

La Mere des Rennes and the Search for the Sun -The Reindeer Mother and the Search for the Sun.

Coming soon: The Theology of the Millipedes: Explanations of misfortune and misdirection, straight from the Millipede’s mouth.

Gessenican Publishing

Danse Sacrée/ La Mère des Rennes Ballet

Danse Sacrée, the venue though which two projects are currently underway.

La Mère des Rennes

This project has been on hold during the Covid Pandemic. Back of house work goes on and progress will – hopefully – be posted soon. La Mere des Rennes is both a children’s book (up on my Amazon author’s page) and also the basis of a ballet, currently in “pre-production”. These pages take you through the synopsis and “book”, and through some ideas about scenic design, costume design, music, and choreography.

The Devotional Dance Project/Danced Prayer

Note: this project has been ”on hold” through out the Covid Pandemic. Dear to my heart, it hasn’t been abandoned, just put on a back burner until circumstances are more conducive. I will post when it is up and going again. What it is: Small group instruction and workshopping to add gesture to beloved hymns. Has no denominational or confessional commitment, rather the aim is to allow people to engage in their own worship in a fuller embodied sense.

Danse Sacrée

I would be much obliged if you would support the Works in Progress here (especially the up-coming trip to Glasgow) through Patreon. Patreon.com/wagproductions.org).

Alternatively, there are posters of the La Mère des Rennes Ballet ($10 plus $3 shipping and handling), and the Cover Art from each of the books ($3. plus $3 for shipping and handling. Email requests to wag.productions.org


You can, of course, get the books themselves from Amazon Kindle). And, very soon, you will be able to download the SisterComrade Album, “World on Fire” from Bandcamp – but not quite yet.

MOTTO: Witness Across Genres

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SisterComrade Music

SisterComrade Music is the venue through which my musical material and performance events of are offered. Currently remastering the Songs from the World on Fire album.


The House of Ruffle!

Well, lots of people have hobbies. Mine is adding Ruffles to all sorts of clothing: skirts, dresses, sleeves, jackets. (I recently saw a purse that had Ruffles!) My Motto?: Saving the World, one Ruffle at a Time. Adding a Ruffle makes almost any article of clothing have an 18th C feel, which I love. Currently I am adding a Rainbow Ruffle to my daughter’s cape for Pride Day. Will post pix of it soon! I ponder writing projects as I sew. If you would like a Ruffle to add to your clothing, just email me. The price depends on the length and width of the Ruffle you would like, and the fabric. The House of Ruffle – silly but fun.