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Degrees in Anthropology and Religious Studies; researcher, writer for television and print media; early career in dance (Ballet, Spanish); interested in "social change" along the arc from prehistory to present; interested in Iron Age and Dark Age cult; interested in the role of tradition and custom in identity formation in relation to social change; concerned about degradation of environment, peak oil, peak "everything", climate change and effects; rising fascism and continued imperialism; believe in fairness, equity and in personal sovereignty in relation to respectful collaboration; believe in the Common; believe in struggling to live by deeply considered principles; raised a Unitarian and recently (re) joined a Unitarian congregation - but am also a deeply committed Pagan, indeed a "Pagan/Green Nun"; mother of wonderful adult child now also in university and writing. Discouraged by human stupidity and avarice but still deeply in love with the world and cosmos - still dancing beneath Oak, Ash and Thorn.

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