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Meet “Fethra and the Great Batwise Project” – a children’s story for Pagan (and other curious) kids. Based on the lovely idea that “Bats fly Blind” (apparently they really don’t), this is the inspiring story of how a Blind Duckling learns to fly with the help of a Wild Team: a Coyote, an Owl, and a Family of Bats.

Available now on Amazon/Kindle (search under author: Ysabeault d’Valar-Alba), in Ebook and hardcover format; – and soon through direct sales ($7.99 plus shipping and handling, inquiries at: email

A memoir in poems, “Disciple of Life” chronicles the joys and sorrows along a learning journey.

Available through Amazon/Kindle via the author’s name: Ysabeault d’Valar-Alba in both Ebook and hardcover format; – and soon through direct sales ($7.99 plus shipping and handling; inquiries at: email

La Mère des Rennes/ The Reindeer Mother and the Search for the Sun. Salut to GatherVictoria for introducing me to the legend of the Reindeer Mother. Here is my take on the legend and this telling forms the synopsis of a ballet, which I am hoping will give Nutcracker a run for its money as a Winter favourite. But the story stands on its own as a cosmic adventure out of the deep past. Available from Amazon/Kindle in Ebook and in hardcover formats, under the author’s name: Ysabeault d’Valar-Alba; and soon via direct sales ($7.99 plus shipping and handling: inquiries: email

Books in the Works:

The Theology of the Millipede: Vicissitudes, large and small, explained.

13 Curses: Vicissitudes and what to do about them

(are we sensing a theme here???)

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