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Okay, so this is embarrassing. As a woman of more than a certain age, I came to the party late. I was a “green room wife” – my X was Murray McLauclan. Our divorce was tangled up in the birth of our one and only child (mine anyway. He has a son with his second wife – and our daughter was/is a Rubella Syndrome child – though doing very well, thank you, just finishing a doctorate at York University in TO).

What does all that have to do with music? Well, in those early day, I picked up little bits of guitar know-how from some of the best, but never really became “a guitar player”. But, some of those bits stuck around in my head. And got better with age and practice.

In 2012, my daughter persuaded me to quit lusting for the spotlight in silence and to get up on stage and sing. In the 2 years that followed, I wrote 12 songs, and she and I played various events and venues as “Helen’s Comrades”. One of our song, “World on Fire” became a kind of anthem for the Global Warming protest movement here in TO. But, alas, daughter was smitten with Metal Music (not my cup of tea) and we parted amicably (she is still my best fan, as I am hers) and I ventured forth in Ottawa as Sister Comrade. Well, I’ve used that name for the Music wing of WAGProductions.Org but I now sing under my own name (more or less), Ysabeault ValarAlba. By the bye, and heads up, if you read McLauchlan’s autobiography, you probably won’t find my name in there as it is now. I changed it legally in 2006. But you might find me under Marguerite Sackville-Hunt, under which I wrote reviews for more than a decade (and Marguerite is now a legal middle name).

But, on to the music. So for two glorious years, I wrote songs. Some of them have picked up a following (e.g.”X Middle Class Blues” – gee, I wonder why??). But many vicissitudes kept me away from really pursuing music. Getting back to it though.

You can find my music in several places:

Bandcamp coming soon.

Let me know what you think.

Witch School

We took the week of Hallowe’en/Samhain to review Witchy movies, along with some Wolfie movies. Great fun. We saw the Craft I and II and used them to bracket the others. We started in (after Craft I) with Hocus Pocus, which, while not being pro Witch, was so camp it didn’t matter and had a…

Now for the “confession” part. You see I’ve fallen in love with a man who has “passed on”. I discovered that I loved the style, both vocally and guitar, of Waylon Jennings. I really do get to parties late, don’t I. But, while the Helen’s Comrades (that second voice is my daughter)/ Sister Comrade/ Ysabeault ValarAlba versions from Reverb posted here are picking and some really primitive strumming, they are from 8 years ago when I first started out. Just setting up now to do studio recordings – stand by!!! My current goal, though, is to “play like Waylon”. I can do pull offs and hammer ons. But that swung 2/4 is eluding me. Goin to keep goin though. Even at “more than a certain age”, it’s never too late to play “like Waylon”.

Cheers! YVA.

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